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Head Instructor - Stephen Mund

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Head instructor, Stephen Mund is an 8th generation Tai Chi instructor in a line that includes, Yang Lu Chan, father of Yang Family Tai Chi and world renown Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong.

I first started studying martial arts at age 13 studying Isshin Ryu Karate. Later, I studied Goju Ryu Karate. This is where I first became acquainted with Tai Chi Chuan.
Serious study started with Sifu George Hernandez. I then studied with Sifu Paul Ramos.
Locally, I studied at Tiger Kung Fu and now with L7 Martial Arts under Bill Regan and Louis Lawson, students of Sifu David Dong who is a direct student of Grand Master Doc-Fai Wong.
I have studied with both Sifu Dong and Grand Master Doc-Fai Wong.  Mr. Mund is a certified instructor at L7 Martial Arts.

Jade Dragon Tai Chi endeavors to provide the most comprehensive and up to date lessons in traditional Tai Chi Chuan. Emphasizing practice in Qigong (literally Chi work), floor exercise, push hands (sensitivity training) and, of course, Yang Tai Chi forms.

Learn Tai Chi from the New Born Kings 2011 Grand Champion, L7 Martial Arts 2011 Instructor of the Year and Plum Blossom International Tournament Gold Medalist, Sihing Stephen Mund.

Our goal is to bring the Greater Carson City Community the advantages of Tai Chi practice. We believe we provide the finest Tai Chi instruction in the area.


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